How It Works

Meet your endless closet. Get access to unlimited AE styles for less
than a new pair of jeans.

Select 8+ styles
The more you add, the more options for your next shipment. New styles added every week!
Get your faves first
You’re in control. Prioritize must-haves and get 3 at a time directly to your door.
Keep, return, repeat
Exchange styles for new ones whenever you want, or keep them forever at a major discount.

Rent endless
styles for $49.95
a month

Unlimited swaps. No commitment.
Wear more for less.

Fresh styles on
endless shuffle

  • Discover new styles

    Get the latest styles delivered to your door!

  • You’re in control of what you get

    No surprises. We send only what you’ve selected.

  • Free returns

    Keep only what you love. Return the rest in a pre-paid bag.

  • Major discounts

    Gotta have it forever? Save up to 70% off retail.

  • Zero commitment

    No pressure. Cancel anytime.

The Qs and As.

  • How much is a box?

    Just $49.95 + tax per month, including unlimited swaps.

  • Do I pay extra for shipping?

    Nope. Shipping & returns are always free.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Cancel whenever you want. There’s zero commitment.

  • What if I want to keep a piece forever?

    Keep it and save up to 70% off retail.

Ready to build your endless closet?